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Archived Articles - February 2016


22nd February 2016

UNISON is a member-led Trade Union. One of the key ways that you can have your say is to take part in the Annual General Meeting of your branch.

At this meeting you get to choose who runs your UNISON branch and to put your views in about the direction in which the branch should be going.

You have been sent an invite to one of the three meetings but just in case you missed it and the article on here last month, here is a final reminder!

There are still some vacancies for Officers, if you are interested please get in touch via the Contact Us button below.

The Annual General Meetings will be held:

9 March 2016, 14.00-16.00

Training Room 5, Mike Harris Centre, Rampton Hospital

10 March 2016, 14.00-16.00

Meeting Room, Millbrook Mental Health Unit

11 March 2016, 14.00-16.00

Conference Hall, Highbury Hospital

(You may attend any or all of the meetings but can vote only once)


17th February 2016

Members will also be well aware of the Sickness Policy that has been rumbling along for some time. This was imposed by the Trust with little input from elsewhere. Unsurprisingly it’s proven impractical and unhelpful.

Andrea says “we’ve never been a fan of this policy, which we believe to be to the detriment of both the organisation and our members. However, we believe that dragging our heels would not improve the situation so instead we’ve sought to make it better. Through Policy Working Groups with management we’ve developed new management guidance and we’re rolling out training to managers so there’s a consistent, positive approach and it’s applied supportively rather than punitively.”

This has now been ratified at Core Group and training for managers is being rolled out on a monthly basis.


8th February 2016

You will be well aware of the Trade Union Bill that is working it's way through Parliament. This Bill attacks Trade Unionism in a variety of ways; making it harder for Unions to represent members, to take action, to communicate with members and attacks our funding amongst many other things. Full details can be found here.

This is all part of the Government's attempts to demonise Trade Unions. But we know what Unions really are; a collection of lots and lots of ordinary people coming together to make sure they are treated properly at work and that they are able to do their job properly.

So this week, 8th - 14th February (Valentine's week), we're making sure we get the real story out there. We're calling it Heart Unions week (or #heartunions for those who are social media savvy!).

There is plenty going on. On Monday we're running stalls at Rampton Hospital, on Tuesday at 12.45 we're tuning into the biggest workplace meeting ever on heartunions.org and on Thursday we're joining thousands of trade unionists across the region at public displays of our support.

If you would like to know more about this please contact us via the button below.

More information on other ways to get involved can be found here.


1st February 2016

UNISON Notts Healthcare Branch works hard to make sure that staff get the best possible deal across Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and across the more than 200 employers providing healthcare services in Nottinghamshire that make up the Branch.

This includes negotiating with management on a variety of issues, campaigning for better conditions in the workforce and representing individual members.

The Branch covers more than 400 workplaces that span the whole East Midlands and beyond, so sometimes it can be challenging to stay in touch. That's why we've introduced The Pulse, a quarterly newsletter reporting to you on what we're up to and giving you a chance to have your say.

You may have already seen a printed copy, or had one emailed, but just in case - here's a copy . Please have a read, let us know what you think and, if you can, show it to a non-member and encourage them to join us.