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Archived Articles - January 2016


19th January 2016

Are you interested in developing your skills at work?

Maybe one of your new year’s resolutions was to do more personal development?

At UNISON we believe that staff should be valued and developed so that they can make the best contribution possible to public services and improve themselves, their career and their pay along the way.

To support this we put on a full annual calendar of learning and development. These take place all over the East Midlands are free to take part in.

Please click here to find out more and to find details of how to book.


12th January 2016

Staff will be well aware that there was a proposal from the Trust to make a significant reduction in the amount of special leave available to each employee.

Under the previous policy you were entitled to six days for this sort of leave, which covers family/carers leave, bereavement absence and other such important and unplanned need for absence.

The original plan was to reduce this down to two days. We believed that this went too far. So your UNISON reps, led by Trust Staff Side Chair Andrea Dickens and Forensic Side Staff Lead Alan Walton, lobbied hard and negotiated a management rethink. This led to the formation of a Policy Working Group between management and the Trade Unions.

Through this Working Group the employer offered a new proposal of four days special leave that would be reduced to two days in two years time, something UNISON disagreed with. Instead a position was reached where you would keep four days special leave with the policy to be reviewed at some point in the future. Crucially there will be an expectation that managers will be flexible about this, so if circumstances require you to have more then this would be possible on a case by case basis.

Andrea picks up the story “whilst we were resistant to any change, we felt that getting an offer that was double the original proposal was pretty good progress. Nevertheless, it’s what members think that counts so we surveyed our members and received nearly 500 responses, with a narrow majority of those in favour. So we felt at this point in a position to ratify the proposal and to Core Group, where management meet with Trade Unions, that we move forward.”

Alan concluded that “This Policy has now been ratified by Core Group and will go forward. We’re keen to make sure that it’s applied properly so please let us know how it goes.”


5th January 2016

UNISON members are people working in the public services, for private contractors providing public services and the essential utilities. Every member of UNISON belongs to a local branch which is made up of people working for the same or neighbouring employers.

Local stewards are there to represent you at work and help find the answers to your problems. They are volunteers and play a vital role in recruiting new members and organising your branch. If you have a problem, talk to your local steward. If they can't handle the problem on their own, they can talk to other branch officers or full - time union experts on your behalf.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare Branch of UNISON is run by a branch committee and supported by skilled staff, locally, regionally and nationally. We are always looking for people who feel they can contribute to the branch and to helping other members. This could be a regular commitment or just the occasional hour or so. We provide training courses and support for our reps and officers.

If you are interested in getting more involved, want to know more about what elected positions you can stand for or wish to submit a nomination please get in touch via the Contact Us button below.

The Annual General Meetings will be held:

9 March 2016, 14.00-16.00

Training Room 5, Mike Harris Centre, Rampton Hospital

10 March 2016, 14.00-16.00

Meeting Room, Millbrook Mental Health Unit

11 March 2016, 14.00-16.00

Conference Hall, Highbury Hospital

(You may attend any or all of the meetings but can vote only once)